Contacting, contributing and other stuff

Samian isn't a full-time job, so our ability to respond is limited.

However, we welcome contact by email if you'd like to connect with us.


If you come across a text which you'd like to share, feel free to share it with us by email. Please cite the author so we can confirm the accuracy of the quotation and, if necessary, gain their permission.

We sometimes get things wrong, but we strive to correct mistakes when we find them. Please let us know of any corrections.

My native tongue is English and while I speak some European languages, I don't have the knowledge to render the nuances of poetry and prayer into other languages with any degree of skill.

If you'd like to translate Samian - both the site and the quotations - please get in touch. I welcome approaches and will happily let you have the relevant files.

If we're able to add additional languages to the site, I am sure it will benefit many.

Advertising & commercial stuff

You'll notice that there aren't any ads on the site. That's not going to change.


Beyond analytics (which tell us how many people have visited Samian, how they found the site and which pages they visited), we don't use any cookies.


Samian feels very strongly about privacy. When we receive your email, we either reply (and delete your email), or acknowledge your contribution (and delete your email).

We won't keep your email address.

We don't sell or lend email address lists to anyone.

Under any circumstances.